Today is a new day for families who want to transition safely through conflict.

Our court system, we now know, carries out “Justice” in a way that the public is unprepared for at best.

Parents and professionals alike are facing more turmoil in Family Court cases than ever before, leaving behind a wake of unprecedented damages to children.

We have seen parents become confused, financially broken and unable to provide for children, if they are even allowed to care for their own children. Most parents did not realize there was a crisis in our court system, until it was too late for them to see it let alone to react and move to safety.

My Advocate Center has dedicated this site to not only explaining the issues faced in Family Court, but to creating a better path for parents to follow, and one that better serves the real needs of children.  There are many places to go to learn about problems parents have with each other, but now there is a common ground for both parents and professionals to work together to solve problems in our court system, and to resolve conflict more safely and cost-effectively.

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Now that we realize something is desperately wrong in our court system, it is up to us to work on solutions that more people can access.  Awareness is a big first step, but please don’t stop there.

It is up to parents to become better informed and prepared, and it is up to professionals, policymakers, civic leaders and law enforcement to decide that what is going on must be brought to an end.

The focus of our mission and what drives our case consulting work is very simple:

Children need their parents, and good parents do not deserve to be denied the right to care for and protect their children. Rules and evidence must count for the benefit of children and the parents they need, and should not be manipulated to enhance the profits of the professionals in control of the case. If this statement is upheld, then children have a much better chance of receiving the best that both parents have to offer. This is what they deserve.

We expose a broad range of cases and issues on this website, but it all comes back to this one principle. Professional misconduct is too often interfering with the needs of children and with the rights of parents. This is one of the most difficult issues to address, as profits have too often pushed aside the commitment to protect, but it is the most important area to address before this gets much worse.

Cobb County Georgia Superior Court

Since our last update many more cases have been submitted by parents and by professionals for review. This includes parents serving in our military.

The data and evidence on these cases are significant, and this exposure should lead to positive change — and to recovery — for families and children. Once you understand the issues, you can work to avoid them, and help correct them.

Use these stories to learn the issues, then position yourself to avoid loss, to recover faster, or to contribute if you are in a position to so that another family can benefit. Fortunately not all professionals are a part of the problem, and our team serves to help identify where value can be found.

WFXG FOX54 Augusta – Your News One Hour Earlier

As we are seeing in the above footage, more compelling news reports have hit the airwaves. We expect more is needed, though, before we’ll see any real impact on the bad practices that are doing harm. Keep an eye on on the Atlanta and Augusta areas as we provide more tools and resources to help these families recover from court-related losses, and work together to prevent more of the same.

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Legislators are being asked this year to help prepare a reform agenda that will better support parents and children, especially where they are caught in high-conflict legal matters, and where any type of misconduct is involved.  To learn more, visit this page on our reform initiative.  This section is under development, but our Capitol is now engaged.

Professionals are connecting with us to improve the education of both parents and elected officials, and to help families recover.

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